Artport.al is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania. Its aim is to function as a database and an index of all the organizations that work in the field of contemporary art in Tirana and beyond. Consequently, we expect artport.al to grow significantly over the years, and we strongly encourage every organization working in the contemporary arts to join artport.al by filling out the form available in the “Join Artport.al” section.

Every organization that becomes a part of artport.al will have its own profile on the site – consisting in an explanatory paragraph about the mission of the organization, a gallery of images, as well as address/website/facebook/twitter/contact details/opening hours, etc. All of the organizations represented on artport.al must remember to continuously update the events and activities they organize or in which they participate, so that these may be reflected on the activities calendar of artport.al.

Artport.al also aims to be a shared, albeit virtual, space for those working in the contemporary arts in Albania, thus helping to strengthen the artistic scene in the country.